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Yasutomo KWB10 Mini Niji Waterbrush - 575289951 by Yasutomo

Item description: This Yasutomo product is by Yasutomo - The Mini Niji brush has--like the KWB12 Medium brush--12mm-long bristles--but the barrel of the Mini is shorter, at 3-3/4 inch, so it holds 5-1/2 ml instead of 7ml. Less in capacity, but better sized to fit your pocket. A refillable pen with nylon-bristle brush tip and water-holding handle, the Niji brush is suited for watercoloring, silk painting, face painting, bleaching and rubber stamping. Also handy for sticking on stamps or sealing envelopes. High-capacity reservoir--no need for frequent refilling Metered flow for control Effortless discharge Fine-detail results Avoids leakage and messy spills Cap keeps water contained and brush fresh Works with water or any water-washable ink Handy for arts and crafts For best durability, bring the brush in gentle contact with drawing surface. Preparing the brush is simple: 1. Unscrew the brush portion from the blue water holder. 2. Squeeze barrel, dunk in a cup of water or fill directly under a faucet. Screw the brush part onto the water holder. 3. Remove the cap, point the brush tip down and gently squeeze the barrel at the spot marked "push" to release the water. Ready to use. Importing Asian artist materials since 1954, Yasutomo has set itself apart from other foreign-product merchants by stressing quality. Goods that are sold under the Yasutomo name are tested to ensure they are up to federal grade.
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Item SKU #: 575289951

Manufacturer: Yasutomo

Category: Yasutomo


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