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Silikomart TEX01 Silicone Texture Mat, Wood Design - 575289963 by Silikomart

Item description: This Silikomart product is by Silikomart - This textured sheet is a step up from the pastic ones, as silicone is ovenable, with the heat-resistance here up to 446F (230C). Line a mold with this silicone sheet (textured side up), pour in the batter, bake, remove the sheet and remove the mold, revealing a textured cake. With this silicone's cold resistance down to -76F (-60C), you can use the sheet for texturing ice cream as well. 7.3 inch x 9.8 inch x 0.15 inch high (185mm x 250mm x 3.8mm high). The 7.3-inch width allows you to cover a log-shaped cake (or ice cream) 3.5 inch high.
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Item SKU #: 575289963

Manufacturer: Silikomart

Category: Silikomart


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