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Ateco 4206 Fondant-Strip Applicator - 575289882 by Ateco

Item description: This Ateco product is by Ateco - Applying fondant strips to your cake in a straight line is a breeze with Ateco's Fondant Strip Applicator. With parts built to last, it consists of 2 stainless disks, one 4 inch and one 6 inch, along with 1 stainless steel post and 1 spool made of food-grade plastic. The plastic spool is 4 inch to accommodate fondant strips up to 4 inch wide. Instructions Note: Applying the fondant strip to the cake with the Ateco applicator is easiest if your cake is on top of a turntable. Roll out your fondant sheet to the needed length, then cut from the sheet a strip of the desired width. Dust the top of your fondant strip with corn starch (to keep the strip from sticking to itself as you roll it around the spool). Positioning the fondant strip at the center of the spool (to keep the strip even), roll the spool along the strip, which will roll around the spool. Select the applicator disk that is slightly larger in diameter than the combined diameter of the plastic spool with the rolled-on fondant. Insert the stainless post in the disk, then slide the fondant-loaded plastic spool onto the stainless post. Holding the top of the post, tap the disk with the spool on a firm surface so the fondant roll slides down the spool until the disk. Dampen the cake with water to help the fondant strip adhere to the cake. Bring the applicator to the cake at the spot where you want to start, then slide the post with the fondant along the slot until the edge where the disk is next to the cake. Apply the beginning of the strip to the cake with your fingers and hold the applicator still while using your other hand to turn around the cake with the turntable. The plastic spool with roll around the stainless rod as you turn around the cake with the turntable, and the fondant strip will roll around the moistened cake and adhere to it, leaving a fondant ribbon around the cake.
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Item SKU #: 575289882

Manufacturer: Ateco

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