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PCB Chocolate Transfer Sheet, Zenith - 575289893 by PCB

Item description: This PCB product is by PCB - Each sheet 16 inches x 10 inches A pattern of bold swirls and no-less-striking round white clouds overlying 5-point stars. FD&C food colors covering a sheet of clear plastic and transferable to chocolate, which retains the pattern after solidifying. Use with two-piece polycarbonate molds held together with magnets: pull off the upper part of the mold, place the sheet face up on the flat bottom of the mold, replace the top of the mold, then pour your chocolate in the cavities. The chocolate will, when solid, have the pattern transferred to it. Apply to any color chocolate Lay the 16 x 10 sheet on the chocolate that glazes a block of ganache Cut into strips that match the height of your cake and wrap them around the cake sides Certified K kosher by Rabbi Schlesinger of Strasbourg, France
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Item SKU #: 575289893

Manufacturer: PCB

Category: PCB


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