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Designer Stencils Decorating Stencil, Monogram Ovals. Set of 3 Sizes - 575289740 by Designer Stencils

Item description: This Designer Stencils product is by Designer Stencils - This is a set of three ovals. These ovals coordinate with Monogram Letter Sets to create beautiful personalized cakes and cookies. The inside of the smallest oval measures 2.25" H x 3"W; the inside of the medium oval measures 3"H x 4.25"W and the largest oval measures 5.5" W x 4"H. These designs are made of 10 mil polystyrene in a one layer stencil. This Decorating Stencil can be used with royal icing, fondant, butter-cream, chocolate or any spreadable material It can also be used on top of any cake surface that isn't wet For butter-cream, make sure the surface has a dry skin or is chilled in the refrigerator and is not tacky or sticky. The best surfaces are rolled fondant, royal icing and pastiage (like rolled fondant, but sets harder). Stencils can also be used for decorations on petit fours, cookies, mints, chocolates and other confectionery items. When baking bread, use a stencil to brush on an egg wash or glaze before baking, or use as a pattern for seeds, grains or dusting powder. Ideas for using Decorating Stencils:   Place Decorating Stencil directly on the top and/or sides of the iced cake surface Lay the stencil over the top of the cake and hold in place Using a polystyrene trowel, smooth a small amount of icing over the openings Gently pull off stencil Clean stencil and let icing dry To color, align the clean, dry stencil over the embossed icing and hold in place Use an air brush to apply colors, masking off the surrounding area of the cake and board to prevent overspray Dusting sugar works well with stencils too
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Item SKU #: 575289740

Manufacturer: Designer Stencils

Category: Designer Stencils


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