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F. Dick 4 1/2'' Paring Knife Forged - 575289742 by Friedr Dick

Item description: This Friedr Dick product is by Friedr Dick - The pointed serrations on the blade are suitable for cutting bread, crusts, cakes and skins of fruit and vegetables. The F. Dick Premier Plus Series is a thoroughly forged knife, perfectly balanced and ergonomically shaped. Look at the form of the handle - unique. The special F. Dick manufacturing process fastens the blade and handle securely together without a gap. In contrast to handles being assembled, even the smallest residues of food or liquid are kept away. Another important feature is the steel alloy and the hardening process. our knives are manufactured from the alloy X45CrMoV15, containing chromium for wear resistance, molybdenum for corrosion resistance and carbon for hardness. Because a sharp knife is a good knife, each F. Dick knife is hand sharpened and honed before it leaves the factory. Lifetime Warranty, Made in Germany.
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Item SKU #: 575289742

Manufacturer: Friedr Dick

Category: Friedr Dick


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