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Silikomart Lollipop Silicone Mold Daisy 4 Cavities Set of 2 Molds - 575290119 by Silikomart

Item description: This Silikomart product is by Silikomart - Silikomart Silicone Daisy Lollipop Mold 4 Cavities, Set of 2    Silicone Daisy Lollipop molds are flexible, durable, and make candy-making super convenient. All Silikomart flexible baking products are made of the highest quality food-safe liquid silicone, so you can be sure their products are going to last a lifetime. With exceptional non-stick character and flexibility, these molds make it easier than ever to create candies, chocolates, and baked treats on sticks, and then release them without any worry of sticking, cracking, or breaking. Designed in a springtime daisy shape, treats made from this mold are perfect for any occasion. Each Silikomart Silicone Daisy Lollipop Mold features space to make up to four lollipops at a time, sold as a set with two molds included Each lollipop cavity measures 2-15/16 inches across and stands ½ inch tall, with a 1.4 ounce capacity; overall size of the mold is 5-1/2 inches by 14 inches Lollipop cavities each include an integrated lollipop stick stabilizer, to hold the stick secure while your candies cool; each set includes a package of fifty 4-9/16 inch lollipop sticks Made of temperature resistant food-safe silicone; oven safe up to 446 degrees, freezer safe down to -76 degrees   Set of 2 silicone molds temp resistant from -60 to 230C (-76 to 446F), each mold having 4 cavities, volume each cavity 40ml (1.4 ounce), size each cavity 74mm x 12mm high (2-15/16 inch x 1/2 inch high). Each cavity has an integrated projection (57mm / 2-1/4 inch) as a rest for the lollipop stick to hold it in place while the molten candy or batter solidifies. Overall size of each mold 138mm x 355mm (5-1/2 inch x 14 inch). Comes with 50 sticks 116mm (4-9/16 inch).
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Item SKU #: 575290119

Manufacturer: Silikomart

Category: Silikomart


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