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Cecilware Food Warmer / Heat Lamp - 60 - 575290058 by Cecilware

Item description: This Cecilware product is by Cecilware - Cecilware STA-HOT Food Warmer with Metal Element, 120V. 6" wide, 2.5" high. Item # Watts FW24M 400 FW36M 600 FW48M 800 FW60M 1000 FW72M 1200 When customers come to your store or restaurant, two things are certain: they want their food hot and they want it to taste fresh. With Cecilware's STA-HOT food warmer, those demands will be met. Manufactured from durable heavy duty stainless steel, this food warmers is built to last and keep your operation running at peak performance. The heating elements can be changed by hand, with the same ease as changing a fluorescent bulb. Cecilware's STA-HOT food warmer is an exceptional value for your everyday warming needs. Spec Sheet
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Item SKU #: 575290058

Manufacturer: Cecilware

Category: Cecilware


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