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Novacart Panettone Disposable Paper Baking Mold - P90/55 - 575290027 by Novacart

Item description: This Novacart product is by Novacart - Novacart are producers of fine food-grade free-standing disposable paper baking pans for the professional and at home baker, and looking to traditional Italian baked goods for inspiration, we present their range of Disposable Paper Panettone Pans in a variety of sizes. Novacart Disposable Paper Panettone pans eliminate the need for metal baking pans, cutting down on costly and time consuming cleanup, and allowing you to bake as many or as few items as you like. Made of food-safe rigid baking paper, these molds are oven safe up to 390 degrees, freezer safe and microwave safe. Novacart Paper Panettone Molds take your treats from the oven to storage to the table in the same gold-floret accented mold. Wholesale baking cups packaging options available.   Novacart Panettone Molds are available in the following baking pan sizes and package options: 2-3/8 inch diameter, 2 inches tall Item # P60 Item # P60C 2-3/4 inch diameter, 2 inches tall Item # P70 Item # P70C 3-1/2 inch diameter, 1-5/8 inches tall Item # P90/40 Item # P90/40C 3-1/2 inch diameter, 2-1/8 inches tall Item # P90/55 Item # P90/55C 4-3/8 inch diameter, 3-3/8 inches tall Item # P110C 6-1/8 inch diameter, 4-1/4 inches tall (not KOF-K Kosher certified) Item # P155C 6-5/8 inch diameter, 4-1/4 inches tall Item # P170C All Novacart Panettone Pan Paper Molds are KOF-K Kosher certified (with the exception of Item # P155C) Novacart Paper Molds cut down on time consuming cleanup while providing a beautiful packaging option for your treats With a variety of sizes, Novacart’s range of Panettone Paper Molds are great for use as Panettone pans, elegant cupcake liners, jumbo muffin cups, bread baking pans, and any variety of projects in between Microwave and oven safe up to 390 degrees, freezer safe Novacart disposable bakeware is recyclable but not compostable.   Note about P90/40, P90/55, P110, P155 and P170 are not recommended for liquid use, as the manufacturing process of these molds leaves a number of pinprick holes on the bottom of the mold that liquid may seep through. Use these molds for a thicker substance like dough or batter.  
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Item SKU #: 575290027

Manufacturer: Novacart

Category: Novacart


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