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Meet the new knife on the block

By Jennifer Hellman

hen Paul Hellman graduated with an engineering degree in 1981, the last thing he thought he would ever be doing was designing and manufacturing the finest cutlery in the world. After over 20 years working in chemical engineering, a job that took him all over the globe, he decided it didn’t really suit his creative side and started to look for something new. It was around 2001 when a chef friend of his approached Paul and showed him a Wusthof chef knife. While it was and is considered the best by many, there was much room for improvement. It was then that Mr. Hellman started interviewing chefs that included the famed David Burke, previously of the Park Avenue Café, Brooke Vosika, Executive Chef of the Four Seasons Restaurant, as well as about a hundred others from all over tri-state area. The result of this research was the design criteria for a new breed of cutlery. Chefs wanted a more balanced, heftier and wider blade with a sharp heel at the base, a smooth spine and a more stylish appearance. They wanted a wider more comfortable handle. They wanted a knife that held an edge longer and could be sharpened easily. They wanted a knife to match the quality of the food they created.

Armed with this essential information and a fateful meeting with German knife maker Gunter Wilhelm, Paul started designing what is now becoming one of the most popular fully forged cutlery brands on the market, Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery. The signature of the Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery brand is what he calls a triple tang. Most chefs know to look for a forged knife with the tang running all the way through the handle to the end. But a triple tang is when the one piece of steel runs not only through the middle of the handle, but both left and right sides as well. By doing this, the end result is a noticeably heavier knife with a balance point right on the bolster. This gives the knife a totally different feel from other “black handled” knives. Since these knives were truly special, Paul decided to give the Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery brand a special look. He incorporated a beautiful Pakkawood design in the handle, a synthetic material that gives the beautiful look of wood but the durability of plastic. The Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery brand carries a lifetime, no fault warranty. This means that even if abused the company will replace the product, no questions asked. As a result, sales of Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery are booming and both consumers and professional chefs alike are embracing the brand.

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Mr. Hellman has been looking for a celebrity chef to endorse the product publicly. He regularly attends major industry shows such as the New York Restaurant Show, the National Restaurant Show in Chicago, and the South Beach Wine and Food Show held every year in Miami. Mr. Hellman has also started developing an exciting new idea that is affordable to both larger restaurants and individual chefs: a custom design and manufacturing service enabling them to promote a look of their own. Major clients already include Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City and The Manor Restaurant in West Orange, New Jersey. This service gives restaurants an opportunity to customize the cutlery they use, with their logo engraved into the blade. Mr. Hellman also offers a variety of wood colors, blade shapes, knife block styles, as well as other options. This allows restaurants to use their branding muscle to market their own cutlery brand. By displaying their new product in their restaurant and through the use of their steak knives on the tables, patrons can see and feel the superior quality and simply add a set to their dinner bill. Alternatively, well known names can market their new design to the masses through conventional retail means. By doing so, restaurants can have a new profit center that doubles as an extremely powerful branding tool. It is a truly revolutionary concept that will take restaurant advertising to a whole new level.

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