APW Wyott CT-5S 79-in Stationary Cold Well Table w/ Stainless Legs & Undershelf

Rubbermaid FGBD16SC Pelouze Baker's Scale, Balance Beam, 16 lb x 1/4 oz Capacity

Rubbermaid FG750339 Low Profile Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser, Metal-Polished Chrome

Rubbermaid FGFGPN124824BY Planter, 12 x 48 x 24 in H, Rectangular, Fiberglass, Indoor / Outdoor, Burgundy

Rubbermaid FGFGPN127224BK Planter, 12 x 72 x 24 in H, Rectangular, Fiberglass, Indoor / Outdoor, Black

Rubbermaid FGFGPN244833BK Planter, 24 x 48 x 33 in H, Rectangular, Fiberglass, Indoor / Outdoor, Black

Advance Tabco 9-61-18-36R Sink, (1) 24 x 18 x 12-in D, 36-in Right Drainboard, 18/304 Stainless

Advance Tabco 9-62-36 Sink, (2) 24 x 18 x 12-in D, NO Drainboard, 18/304 Stainless

Advance Tabco DTS-S30-72L 71-in Straight Soil Dishtable w/ Crossrails, Left to Right, 14-Ga. Stainless

Advance Tabco EF-SS-247 84-in Work Table w/ Open Base & 1.5-in Rear Edge, 24-in W


Put down that donut! Higher glucose levels associated with lower memory and reduced hippocampal microstructure

There's a growing body of evidence linking elevated blood sugar to memory problems.

For instance, earlier this year, a published in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that higher glucose may be a risk factor for dementia, even among people without type 2 diabetes.

So the question is, at what point does the risk of cognitive decline set in?

Or in other words, should we be aware of creeping blood sugar, even before it gets to levels that doctors call ?

Well, researchers, writing this week in the journal Neurology, have some new data that suggest that even modest increases in blood sugar among people in their 50s, 60s and 70s can have a negative influence on memory.

The study included 141 healthy older people, all of whom had blood sugar in the normal range. All of the participants were given recall tests where they were read a list of 15 words and then asked to repeat back as many as they could remember.

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