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Metro 9990P4 Super Erecta Label Holder, 43 in x 1-1/4 in, Gray, Snap-On, No Labels

Metro 9990P Super Erecta Label Holder, 3 in x 1-1/4 in, Gray, Snap-On, No Labels

Metro 5A577C Super Adjustable Super Erecta Shelving Unit, 4 x 72 x 74-in H

Metro 63UP Super Erecta Post, 62 H, Chrome-Plated, for use with Stem Casters

Metro 9992DB Super Erecta Rubber Donut Bumper, 3-1/2 in Diam, 3/4 in H

Metro 1424NC Super Erecta Wire Shelf, 14 x 24

Metro C515-PFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Proofing Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro AW33C Super Erecta Wall Mounts, 18 in Shelf Width

Metro C515-HFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Holding Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro 5MPB Super Erecta Stem Caster with Brake, 5 Dia., 300 ll Capacity

A Walk on the Wild Side with Dufresne & Mason of wd~50

Watching Wylie DuFresne and Sam Mason work, they may at first glance seem to be a coupling of incongruous personalities as they both hustle around their various kitchen stations at Dufresne’s wd~50 restaurant. Mr. Dufresne conveys a sort of brainy hippie look, like a guy you might see on the Discovery Channel when the interview of some unknown genius from MIT or NASA is stitched into a scientific storyline. He’s the owner and the chef, but he’s also far from being a coach walking the sidelines. Watching him through the large square doorway that exhibits the kitchen’s workings like a culinary Imax screen, he works the sauté pans on his enormous Bonnet stove and finishes dishes side by side with his crew. His wild brown hair provides a conspicuous presence to his restaurant’s customers, who often glance back during their meal to take in a moment of the kitchen’s theatrics. Mr. Mason, tall and bearded with tattooed arms and a devilish smile, would be a shoe-in at a tough biker bar or an exclusive nightclub, but he seems almost like an outsider working the pastry section of the restaurant. But like most first impressions, what we see initially is a thinly glazed layer brushed upon the surface, its complexity concealed beneath it.

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