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Metro 5A577C Super Adjustable Super Erecta Shelving Unit, 4 x 72 x 74-in H

Metro 63UP Super Erecta Post, 62 H, Chrome-Plated, for use with Stem Casters

Metro 9992DB Super Erecta Rubber Donut Bumper, 3-1/2 in Diam, 3/4 in H

Metro 1424NC Super Erecta Wire Shelf, 14 x 24

Metro 9990P4 Super Erecta Label Holder, 43 in x 1-1/4 in, Gray, Snap-On, No Labels

Metro C515-PFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Proofing Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro AW33C Super Erecta Wall Mounts, 18 in Shelf Width

Rubbermaid FG1630SQCPLRD 20 gal Can Recycling Receptacle, Retainer Band w/ Liner, Indoor/Outdoor, Red

Metro 5MPB Super Erecta Stem Caster with Brake, 5 Dia., 300 ll Capacity

Metro 9990P Super Erecta Label Holder, 3 in x 1-1/4 in, Gray, Snap-On, No Labels

Gordon Ramsay

Talks about the other F-words: Food, France, Football, and Family

Gordon Ramsay

Near the beginning of the interview while the topic meandered around old footballing injuries, a lovely middle-aged lady sauntered over from the London bar and snuck up to Gordon Ramsay from behind. Thinking at first that she was a FOG (Friend of Gordon), I then noticed the slightest hint of inebriation in her eyes and realized that she was a fan drifting over to say hello to Manhattan’s newest star chef. Mr. Ramsay, whose face tends to hide very little of his thoughts, smiled and shook her hand. She introduced herself as a realtor (“I work at the biggest company, the biggest!” she said proudly), and asked him how his apartment hunting was coming along. I leaned forward in my chair, absolutely certain that I was about to witness a humorous, Ramsay-ish brush-off. didn’t happen! He smiled and chatted her up politely for several minutes, exhibiting a flair for patience far beyond what I would ever expect from someone who earns more money in 3 minutes than most folks do in a week. She apparently had emailed his office with her real estate credentials, and although it’s unlikely that Ramsay will earn her any commissions (“I’ve never sent an email in my life,” he told her), she left our table happy, her face adorned with a huge smile; another satisfied customer. So while we were on the subject...

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