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APW Wyott CT-5S 79-in Stationary Cold Well Table w/ Stainless Legs & Undershelf

Rubbermaid FGBD16SC Pelouze Baker's Scale, Balance Beam, 16 lb x 1/4 oz Capacity

Rubbermaid FG750339 Low Profile Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser, Metal-Polished Chrome

Rubbermaid FGFGPN124824BY Planter, 12 x 48 x 24 in H, Rectangular, Fiberglass, Indoor / Outdoor, Burgundy

Rubbermaid FGFGPN127224BK Planter, 12 x 72 x 24 in H, Rectangular, Fiberglass, Indoor / Outdoor, Black

Rubbermaid FGFGPN244833BK Planter, 24 x 48 x 33 in H, Rectangular, Fiberglass, Indoor / Outdoor, Black

Advance Tabco 9-61-18-36R Sink, (1) 24 x 18 x 12-in D, 36-in Right Drainboard, 18/304 Stainless

Advance Tabco 9-62-36 Sink, (2) 24 x 18 x 12-in D, NO Drainboard, 18/304 Stainless

Advance Tabco DTS-S30-72L 71-in Straight Soil Dishtable w/ Crossrails, Left to Right, 14-Ga. Stainless

Advance Tabco EF-SS-247 84-in Work Table w/ Open Base & 1.5-in Rear Edge, 24-in W

David Bouley was describing his new test kitchen the only way he knew how; in intricate detail, as one might describe the individual elements of a complex painting that took a lifetime to complete.

As he danced around the open space that is beginning to take shape, he excitedly narrated the importance of each distinct area of the room and the specialized use of every square foot of space. A tasting library containing thousands of plastic containers and refrigerated items - ingredients from around the world - will soon line a glassed wall. Each item will be labeled and have information stored about it, such as where they bought it and in what season it is generally the best, along with other things that they have learned about it. On the opposite side of that part of the room, there will soon be a row of computers with access to various culinary databases, including Bouley’s own recipes that today exist in his mind and in cluttered stacks of large cardboard boxes. At the far end of the room is a growing library that will contain over five thousand culinary reference books, along with something that Bouley’s chefs will surely appreciate – chairs and sofas to sit and relax in while studying. Before long, it was evident that this enormous room will soon become a living library of his vast knowledge, a culinary playground where everything he has learned in over 30 years of cooking will be catalogued for the benefit of his staff and future generations of employees. [read more]

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