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Tablecraft 119A Single Rangette w/ Chrome Plated Finish, 1500W/120V

Rubbermaid 1791794 Rough Surface Microfiber Mop, Blue

Metro 5MPX MetroMax Q Stem Caster, 5 Diam, 300 lb Capacity

Metro C515-CFC-U C5 1/2-Height Heated Proof & Hold Cabinet, Clear Door, Universal Slides

Metro MQ1842G MetroMax Q Open Grid Shelf w/ Microbar, 18 x 42-in W

Metro C515-CFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Proof & Hold Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro C515-HFC-L C5 1/2-Height Heated Holding Cabinet, Clear Door, Lip Load Slides

Metro C515-HFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Holding Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro C515-PFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Proofing Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Rubbermaid FGFGR3616TPCPLWMB 3-Section Recycle Center, (3) 16 Gal, Liner, Fiberglass, In/Outdoor, Warm Brown

Jean-Georges & Cedric Vongerichten

The artisan and his son

Joel Robuchon

The practice of an artisan handing down his or her business or craft to a son or daughter was a revered tradition dating back to the Middle Ages, when artisan guilds holding trade secrets within tightly-knit secret societies were organized. During this time, tradesmen were held in high esteem, standing higher within the social pecking order than all but the richest aristocrats. If a son was not available to take over the craft of the father, one would be recommended by the guild, and the valuable knowledge of the elder artisan would be passed along. The industrial revolution brought an end to these artisan guilds, and for the decades that followed it became less and less common for a father to pass his trade down to his offspring. The modern era’s economy had created higher-paying jobs in less physically demanding environments, presenting desirable opportunities to the sons and daughters of those who had toiled in jobs like factories, farms, and other low-wage, manual labor careers.

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