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Metro AW33C Super Erecta Wall Mounts, 18 in Shelf Width

Metro C515-CFC-U C5 1/2-Height Heated Proof & Hold Cabinet, Clear Door, Universal Slides

Metro 9990P4 Super Erecta Label Holder, 43 in x 1-1/4 in, Gray, Snap-On, No Labels

Metro 63UP Super Erecta Post, 62 H, Chrome-Plated, for use with Stem Casters

Metro C515-PFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Proofing Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro C515-HFC-4 C5 1/2-Height Heated Holding Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slides

Metro 5A577C Super Adjustable Super Erecta Shelving Unit, 4 x 72 x 74-in H

Metro 1848PES Polymer Shelving, 18 x 48 in, Blue

Metro C519-CFC-4 C5 Full Height Heated Proof & Hold Cabinet, Clear Door, Fixed Wire Slide

Metro BCUB2 Utility Bin, Fits BC20302D Cart, Includes Holder, Black

For a such a passionate fan of great cuisine and the people who are responsible for creating it, somehow the concept of watching cooking shows on television has just never appealed to me. Perhaps you could say I’m TV-chef challenged, because honestly, watching some of those shows falls just a few remote-clicks away from my all-time favorite, C-Span, when I desperately need a cure for insomnia. With all due respect to some of the very talented restaurant-trained chefs who look terrific on TV, you still can’t smell the food, tasting it is out of the question, and unless you have a photographic memory or can take dictation at 200 words a minute, forget about ever duplicating that fab dish you just saw on your 25-inch screen.

But perhaps there is hope for me in Chef-TV land. If Anthony Bourdain ever gets tired of traveling around foreign lands talking to the camera about local customs and food, he’d be a terribly entertaining TV chef. He’s funny and intelligent and he can also cook, but since his humor is perhaps a bit too extreme for the Food Network or PBS, my hope is that the R-rated HBO network will step in and make him an offer. I could also name a half-dozen chef’s I’ve met who would be entertaining enough on the tube to give even a tough TV-chef critic like myself reason to tune in. But what if you could find a chef who created one of New York’s most successful family relief funds, who has been at the top of the Manhattan culinary class for nearly 20 years, is as knowledgeable about food as anyone on the planet, and who not only looks like George Carlin but is nearly as funny? It sounds like TV-chef heaven.

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